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Know of somewhere you want to visit or heard about somewhere cool? Add it as a todo and check it off when you visit

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Create lists of restaurants to eat at, museums to visit, sights to see or anything else you can think of

Share them with the world

Get pro to store more than 50 places, make routes and ranked lists and embed your lists in other websites

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Create maps for anything!

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  • πŸ’― Β Save more than 50 places
  • πŸš— Β Create routes for road tips, tours or bar crawls
  • πŸ₯‡ Β Create ranked lists, rate your favorite places
  • βœ‹ Β A high five from me if we ever meet

A wee bit about me πŸ€“

This app is made by just me (, originally for my own use but now that I use it all the time I feel maybe some other people will find it useful.

I charge a small fee for features that I think are especially useful / unique. If I start making a little bit of money from this then I would love to be able to put more time into In particular native apps would be great, and more collaboration features.